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19 September 2015


See below the official release brochure for all of the model year 2016 Spyders.
Probably most notable among everything — certainly to me — is the addition of a touring-oriented version of the muscle-cruiser F3, the new F3T. Though I had worried what add-on saddlebags would do to the look of the F3, BRP’s designers have done a great job of styling in some integrated luggage that adds real functionality to the F3 without disturbing it’s bad-boy image at all. Add to that a sporty windshield, fairing-integrated side mirrors, a new color digital instrument display and optional four-speaker stereo system, and you have the makings of a serious sport-touring machine. Not to mention that the F3T is designed to pull the new Freedom trailer! The ST was a step in the right direction toward the sport-touring genre, but the F3T is a giant leap.

For my favorite Spyder – obviously the RT – the only real change is in coloration, going back to the single-color instead of two-tone, and offering pearl white, orbital blue, intense red pearl and two new kinds of black: steel black metallic, and monolith black satin (I love the nod to “2001, A Space Odyssey”).

One thing I think I should mention, since several people have asked me about it already, is why the 2016 Spyders utilize the Garmin Zumo 660, after the 2015 models had upgraded to the newer Zumo 590. The following is NOT from BRP, but comes from a conversation I had with people I know inside Garmin: What I was told was that the 590 series used a couple of hard-to-get parts, most notably the glass for the new non-glare screen, which came from a company that has since gone out of business. Try as they might, Garmin could not find another supplier that could provide the needed parts in the quantity required to meet BRP’s demand. The only solution, at least for the time being, was to go back to the original Zumo 660 setup. Those of you who have a 2015 model with a Zumo 590 should count yourselves lucky.
In any case, it simply wasn’t BRP’s fault.

So, hope you enjoy this first look at the new models…. My personal favorite is the new RT-S Special Edition, in Monolith Black Satin. Wicked.

2016 Spyder Brochure FINAL

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