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Grand Canyon
15 November 2014

72 Days & 17,000 Miles on the 2014 Can-Am Spyder RT with Fred & Cherrie Rau

Below you will find a photo journey of my wife and I embarking on an exhilarating ride through 32 states on our 2014 Can-Am Spyder RT-LE. You’re probably asking yourself, what does one do for such a long ride (a whopping total of 17,000 miles, to be exact)?

Well for starters: we visited with old friends, did a bunch of sightseeing and attended several large events such as Americade in New York, Spyderfest in Missouri and the National Spyder Owners Event in Colorado.

Obviously for a trip of this length we have hundreds of photos and dozens of stories to tell, which would probably bore you all to tears, so we thought we would just let these photos and their captions tell our story. However, there are a couple of points I do want to make:

My wife and I are official Ambassadors for the Can-Am Spyder and were part of the original “Spyder Five” team. As such, we have toured on every year and model of Can-Am Spyder that was ever built, crisscrossing the country more than a dozen times and racking up more than 200,000 Can-Am Spyder miles in the past five years. Obviously we have become great fans of the Can-Am Spyder and enjoyed it as each model year got better and better. But despite our familiarity and great expectations for the 2014 RT, we were simply not prepared for how truly GREAT this latest iteration would be. Though the previous Spyders were quite good, we always had our nitpicks: The range is too short, there’s too much engine heat, the power curve is too abbreviated, etc. Now, not only have all of those concerns been met but improvements are evident even in areas where we had no complaints. The handling is SHARPER, the ride is SMOOTHER, etc. This 2014 is not just an improved version it’s a whole new ball game.

We love this model so much that we are taking off again before the summer is over, to do at least another 6,000 miles. Maybe Canada? Who knows!

Iron Mountain Road in the Mojave Desert

Iron Mountain Road in the Mojave Desert. We avoid Interstates whenever possible, no matter how remote the route might be.

Roy’s of Amboy

Roy’s of Amboy – one of the very few remaining original tourist stops on Old Route 66.

Kingman, Arizona

Kingman, Arizona – where the donkeys run free on the streets and are protected by law. This is the stretch of Old Route 66 referred to in The Grapes Of Wrath, where Pa Joad looked out and said “It looks like the bones of a country…”

The Roadkill Café

The Roadkill Café near Peach Springs on Old Route 66 in Arizona. This area was the inspiration for “Radiator Springs” in the movie “Cars.”

Spyder’s VSS and TCS

The weather forecast said cloudy and 50 degrees over Donner Pass in the Sierras, so we headed for Reno. After over 100 miles of freezing rain and a total white-out snowstorm, we finally made it across, with the entire Spyder and ourselves encased in a two-inch think coat of ice. We would have never made it on a two-wheeler. The Spyder’s VSS and TCS undoubtedly saved our lives this day.

Crossing Oregon and Washington

Crossing Oregon and Washington.

You could write a book about the Amana Colonies in Iowa. Several people have. Well worth a stop if you are ever in Iowa, trust me. A unique place.

You could write a book about the Amana Colonies in Iowa. Several people have. Well worth a stop if you are ever in Iowa, trust me. A unique place.

Raggedy Ann

… or know where Raggedy Ann came from?

Joe Palooka

A statue of America’s first-ever superhero, Joe Palooka. Most people couldn’t even tell you who he was these days, but there were both TV and radio shows about him, and several movies. Interesting trivia fact: He was the first to have a lunchbox made with his name and image on it.


Memorial Day in Marion, Virginia.

Kill Devil Hill at Kitty Hawk

One to scratch off my Bucket List – Kill Devil Hill at Kitty Hawk, site of the Wright Brothers’ first successful powered flight.

USS Alabama Memorial in Mobile Harbor

USS Alabama Memorial in Mobile Harbor. I have photographed six Spyders in this same spot in the past five years.

Crossing Western Colorado and parts of New Mexico and Arizona

Crossing Western Colorado and parts of New Mexico and Arizona. Everywhere you look, the scenery is breathtaking.

Grand Canyon

Got up extra early to ride through the Grand Canyon at dawn. One of my favorite things to do.